European Nightcrawlers 10 lb. - Ship/Ins. Included in Price

European Nightcrawlers 10 Pounds
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  • worms: Fishing bait, vermicomposting, worm farming
  • pet food: Reptile, fish, bird
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Price $337.45

Ten Pounds European Nightcrawlers (Large, Bait Sized) With Ten Pounds Bedding
in a Breathable Bag.  FREE Vermicomposting-Worm Care Guide.

Shipping and Insurance Included In Price. FREE Vermicomposting-Worm Care Guide. Worms are shipped in (2) Flat Rate Boxes, via 2-day USPS Priority Mail (Continental U.S. Only) on Monday's.




You will receive 10 pounds bait sized worms (approx. 2500-3000) packed in 10 pounds moist peat moss.
NOT BED-RUN: Full sized bait worms. A special shipping compound is added, keeping your worms happy and healthy while they travel.

Start your own vermi-compost bin, worm farm, or go fishing with these healthy, active European Nightcrawlers from our farm. Guaranteed live delivery.   

European nightcrawlers are the best live fishing bait. Why? Because they are the toughest earthworm alive. They stay on the hook longer, are active longer, and are the only fishing bait worm that can be used in brackish water. You can use them:

  • in Vermi-compost bins.
  • as Pet food.
  • for Fish bait.
  • to start your own profitable worm farm.

Check our website for tips and information at Earthworm Works.

See Shipping Info for our live delivery guarantee.

Don't forget the VermaPlex™ as a bedding enhancer. (Information on our site: Earthworm Works.)

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