1 Gallon Worm Feed

Grow big earthworms
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  • worm supplies: Nutritious worm food
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One Gallon Worm Feed

Grow big, fat, healthy worms like we do with this highly nutritious worm feed.  Everything a worm needs to reach it's full potential.  Convenient quantity for individual use.

How to use:  Mist the top of your worm bed.  Sprinkle worm feed over the top of your worm bedding (like your're adding Parmesean cheese to your spagetti) and moisten again with a mister setting.  Remove any uneaten food the next day and repeat.  If the worms haven't eaten it all, add a little less.  If all the food is gone, add a little more.  Remove any uneaten worm feed before turning your worm bedding.

Our worm growing secret:  Try VermaPlex ® in your worm sprayer to add microbes.  Microbes are essential for worms' digestion.  Maintain a healthier worm bed and grow healtier, fatter, bigger worms by adding just a tiny amount to your worm beds when you feed.


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