VermaMax LE® Liquid Fertilizer Gallon

1 Gallon VermaPlex, organic liquid fertilizer
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  • Item #: 201030
  • VermaMax LE: Liquid Fertilizer
  • Organic Fertilizer: Certified Organic, OMRI Listed, Liquid Extract, Chicken Litter
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Price $47.95

Size: One Gallon

Product:  VermaMax-LE®
Liquid Extract.


Made from certified organic Pure black Castings™ and VermaMax® (certified organic chicken litter), VermaMax-LE® is a soil balancer and organic liquid fertilizer. 

All natural.  No animal parts, yard clipping, or food wastes are used to produce VermaMax-LE®.
Plant probiotic liquid concentrate (1 quart = 20 quarts). 
Contains liquid humate, yucca, soluable sea kelp and many other natural ingredients.

Non-burning.  Non-toxic.  Safe for the environment, pets, and children.

Benefits of VermaMax-LE®:

Extra nitrogen for accelerated plant and leaf growth and "green-up".  Enhances root development, plant growth, flowering and fruit production.  VermaMax-LE®, like VermaPlex ®, also restores life to your soil by encouraging beneficial microbes.  Use as drench or micro-dosing for your plants, vegetables, flowers, shrubs, trees and lawns.

Using VermaMax-LE®:

Use as a drench (40 parts water to 1 part VermaMax-LE®) with worm castings and/or compost.
Use as a foliar spray.
Use as a continual feed (micro-doseing) in hydroponics, greenhouse watering systems, and self-watering containers.

Available VermaMax-LE® sizes:

1 Quart:       $17.95
1 Gallon:      $47.95
2.5 Gallon:   $83.95
5 Gallon:     $155.95
55 Gal. Drum: Please call for bulk pricing.



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